Sedition VR Gallery
Sonar Hong Kong

For Sedition, the London-based online platform for distributing digital limited editions by contemporary artists, MetaObjects created a VR demo as a prototype to show how the video works could be experienced in a virtual environment. The prototype features a menu to select different environments for experiencing the works, including a gothic cathedral, black box cinema, contemporary showroom, pastoral natural landscape, and a white cube gallery. The video artworks are featured on a screen and users can select different works to display from the Vault menu using the hand controllers. Users can navigate through the space and view artworks displayed on walls in the white cube gallery environment. The prototype was built in Unity for desktop VR.

The Sedition VR Gallery was presented at Sonar+D Hong Kong in March 2018 with a curated virtual exhibition featuring artists including Mike Pelletier, Ryoichi Kurokawa, FIELD, Yoshi Sodeoka, NONOTAK, Eric Schockmel and Joëlle. Read more.